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Project Phases
Construction Document Phase
  • This phase, more commonly referred to as the "working drawing phase" requires our most concentrated involvement. Every aspect of the design will be drawn to scale and specified. It is these documents that will be distributed to contractors for bids or negotiation and to the city or government agency for building permits.
  • The documents prepared at this time usually include: a site plan, floor plans, elevations, sections (a drawing that depicts a "cut" through the building that reveals heights, interior elevations and construction systems), and structural, electrical and mechanical drawings. In addition, we will include details and interior elevations of areas that need more detailed description as well as written Specifications (which describe the quality of the work to be performed).
  • We will assist you in the preparation of the necessary bidding information, bidding forms, the conditions of the contract with the contractor, and form of agreement between you and your contractor.