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Project Phases
Construction Phase
  • We will assist you in obtaining bids or negotiated proposals and assist in reviewing and awarding contracts for construction.
  • We will visit the site at appropriate intervals to determine if the work is being performed in general conformance with the Construction Documents. We will interpret the Contract Documents and clarify them whenever the contractor has questions.
  • During construction, we act as your representative or consult with you if changes are made. We will advise you with regard to the progress and quality of the work and alert you to any defects to the work that we see.
  • We will review the contractor's requests for payment and monitor change order requests. A change order is any change in the work that deviates from the original drawings with clarification of their cost implication.
  • We will review shop drawings and product data.
  • We will advise you on the final selections of materials that may not have been selected during the design development phase.